gallery six: a simple web image gallery

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abstract thumbnail galleries are good way of browsing images on the web, but many of the existing software packages are difficult to set up, or require periodic maintainence when new images and directories are added. gallery six was designed to solve these problems while keeping a minimal list of requirements.
features designed for the less technically inclined, to be as easy to install and administer as possible.

provides a simple user interface for browsing directories of images and other files, with thumbnails of each image.

generates thumbnails automatically. no scripts to run after images are placed on the webserver. add images and directories at any time, no reconfiguration necessary.

optional web based editing of captions for each image and page.

sample here's what it looks like in action.
requirements php, built with GD library support. these are available as packages for most unixes.
download version 2.3 is the most recent version.
caveats directories containing large numbers of images (>100) will take a substantial amount of time to generate the thumbnails if paging is not enabled. this may cause a long load time the first time the directory is browsed. setting the $max_entries parameter to nonzero to enable paging will cure this.
license gallery six is released under the GNU Public License, Version 2.
news 27 dec 04 version 2.3 released. add ability to hide files and directories by chmodding them to unreadable. fix undefined variable and index warnings.

1 may 02 version 2.2 released. paging now works properly when viewing files and editing captions.

31 dec 01 version 2.1 released. separate css file for colors and styles for easier customization. list directories separate from files. break index into multiple pages if filelist gets too long.

29 dec 01 version 2.0b1 released. changed name from thumbdex. added multiple directory support.

todo edit captions for directories too.

add links in the title path to quicly traverse up multiple directories.

separate config file, writable by the webserver. eliminate all hand-editing.


framed version, like LiveFrame.

last modified: 02 jan 02